I just had a thought. Like I said in another thread I am planning to hit a store with a much larger variety of acoustics. However, I wonder if part of the reason I am not getting the sound I want from my Yamaha is also the string. So the question is for those that really know guitars, how much does the type of string effect the sound? Is the sound mostly the guitar or the strings play a big part? Let me know.
Where you are actually picking/plucking the string has a big impact on tone too.
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Most of the tone is the guitar itself. However, a very large portion of the sound also comes from the string.
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Till just recently I was finger picking. Just doesn't have that crisp sound. Then lately I been messing around with basic blues (12 Bar blues and riffs and what not) and it just doesn't seem to match the bluesy sound they are getting from their guitars. The most common ones I find in the demonstrations I can find are being done by Taylors.

Just something I am wondering about. Hell, I might not find anything I want for the money I willing to spend, but would be a nice road trip.