Im thing of getting a baritone (probs the prs mike mushok one) and ive read that you have to choose your string gauges carefully.

im planning on tuning down to c standard with a dropped B ala machinehead

what strings would be advisable
i currently use ernie ball power slinkys 11-48

would these still be fine for what i want to do?
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I use 7-string sets (minus the top string) for my baritone...and I usually have it tuned to drop A works great for me.
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im pretty sure they actually market baritone strings, daddario i think sometink like 13-62.

but no playing 11-48 would be too loose for drop B

i use ernie ball "not even slinky" which are 12-56 for drop B

but yeah I'd actually look for a pack of baritone strings

oh and nice choice of guitar. im going to get one of those eventually