i need help on creating my own licks and solos etc. how do guitarist create fast runs and what not that actually sound like it was constructed in a professional way. how can you even hear something fast in your head? whenever i try to jam over backing track all taht comes out is some generic boring crap. i cannot follow the beat and play something like a pro. do pros just noodle around and hope to make something good cause i do not know how they create such amazing stuff.

im really frustrated.
I guess they just have many years of experience and know the scales that they have choosen to learn really well.
How long have you been playing\?
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couple years. i know scales and all its just whenever i jam over a backing track all that comes out is what my fingers are use to always doing. i cannot hear something pro in my head and fit it in the right spot in the beat.
Im assuming alot off of what you're saying. My guess is you've memorized the scales, and in doing that and noodling with them long enough you've come up with a handful of licks in different positions that you find yourself repeating every time you pick up the guitar. My advice would be start dissecting the music that you're jamming over, focus on hitting the chord notes in the scale at first, and just keep messing around seeing what notes sound good where. Your fingers will only play what you tell them to, if you tell them to play the same thing over and over again and be boring they will be. Hope it helps a bit
u cant force ur self to pla something great, u just hav to feel it and let it flow

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Try playing over a backing track in a style that you normally wouldn't play. IMO the best way to come up with new stuff is to play outside of your comfort zone.
I will think of a rhythm and work on that or just noodling around I listen to many types of music to stay fresh, If i hear a riff I like I learn it and change it a little,. Some of my best riffs were something I tried to learn but got it wrong. Knowing song structure is a big plus and finding myself studying others bands song structures, like at the moment I'm trying to study Opeth's style of song structure being its so dynamic. On the other hand a good percentage of people cannot write their own music thus forced to play others music.

ya i know i hope im not one of them lol. but its probably why people revert to teaching guitar on youtube and trying to preach that you can learn guitar and become a guitar god if you buy their product. when in reality, you can have all the technique and theory you want, if you cannot put it to use and create original music then its pretty much useless.