ok so I just got my POD X3 Live and so far I LOVE IT! however one question

when i first pulled it out of the box i sat it on my countertop and i was playing with the pedal and i noticed it wobbles alil bit like from the lower right corner to the upper left then i put it on the floor and it was fine so i went all aroung putting it here and there to see if the pedal is twisted or if its the floor I can't really get a good answer some places it wobbles some not

should i be worried or try to return it? i mean really it does not wobble much at all just a lil bit but if i pay 500 bucks for something I want to to be right lol
Maybe the plastic on the case is the tiniest bit unlevel? Maybe your countertops are wonky?
Is it really worth returning over that? As long as it makes the right sounds and you can plug your guitar into it, don't worry.