Any good for recording + live purposes or what?

I'm considering buying either that or the thinline 72... i hear they're both MADE IN MEXICO though which immediatly suggests to me that they might not be a great standard/quality of instrument in make and sound????
I played a 72 in a shop once. I think they are BUTT ugly for a telecaster but it played like butter. Don't worry about MIM guitars. But if you are worrying about it, check out the MIJ ones, they are usually a step above the MIM ones IMO.
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I use a MIM Telecaster, not a deluxe but I don't have any issues with the quality. As for the sound, the only Wide Range "humbuckers" made by Fender are USA made so there shouldn't be any issue with sound either. I'd go for it.
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Wow, really?

MEXICAN MADE Fenders (I don't get the caps) are just as good as American built ones, just the pickups aren't as good. Plus, the only to find out if you like it is to play the damn thing.
They are fairly good guitars, MIM Fenders are the best guitars in the price range IMO. It's a comfortable guitar too, it's got the belly contour, and a nice thick neck.

I'd say they would be decent recording guitars as well, I mean, a lot of guitarists use the stock MIMs as their main guitars. Seriously, don't worry about it being a bad guitar, Mexican made guitars are really nice and they'll last a long time.

EDIT: ^^

The pickups in these are really nice, infact, any of the pickups in the Classic Series could probably be put in a MIA and no one could tell that much difference. But I dunno
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Ooo thanks for the feedback people The reason i said MADE IN MEXICO is just from hearing some people say it's not as good and such...
Both the Thinline and the Deluxe seem pretty good quality

What AMP do you think would be a good pairing with them... playing sort of Pop Rock/Pop Punk stuff, think a pop punky version of Third Eye Blind lol, DONT HATE ON ME :P