Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I don't visit the forums to often.
My birthday is in October and I am interested in getting a new guitar or amp.
Right now I have very, very noobish setup.
I have a FenderSquier Bullet and a Fender Frontman 15G Guitar Combo Amp.

But the thing I'm thinking is, if I get a new amp, I still have a low quality guitar, so does it make a difference.
Or, if I get a new guitar, I still have a low quality amp, so does that make a difference?

So basically, I want to know what would be worth investing in first. I was just gonna go for some effect stuff, but I heard that effect pedals sound horrible with the amp I have so I wont bother until I upgrade.
And if you have any reccomendations on what type of amp to upgrade to that would help to
Tone is split:

80% Amp
20% Guitar

So buying a new amp will have a much bigger effect on your tone than a new guitar will. However, what isn't factored into the tone equation is the feel/stability of the guitar, so if you really hate the way the guitar plays or it goes out of tune ridiculously often, then consider a new guitar before a new amp.

If you do wish to buy a new amp, I have these questions:

What bands/genres do you like to play?
What is your maximum budget?
Is the amp strictly for home and band practice use or do you need it to be loud enough for gigs?

If you want a new guitar, repost the thread in the Electric Guitar forum and report this one for closing purposes.

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Thanks :]

I've been playing on the same guitar for over a year, so I'm used to the feel and everything by now. But then again, it's the only guitar I've ever played on, so that might be sorta bias.

The music I play ranges from stuff like Bloc Party to System of a Down. I like being able to switch between light stuff to more...distortion oriented stuff(I say that because I'm sure people will protest with "System of a Down isn't heavy.")
I guess 300 dollars is an ideal maximum. I'd be pushing it if I asked for more.
I'm not in a band yet, however, in the future I'd like to be in a band. So I guess I want a decent amp that could be used for practices later down the line and things of that sort.
how much is the B-52 AT-112? i think its somewhere around the region of $300-400.

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I'm gonna suggest either the vox vt30 or the peavey vypyr 30, the vypyr being bette rfpr heavey tones and the vox for vintage rock tones.
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