I was looking at getting a new amp. This will my be my first tube amp and am not looking at spending too much probably less than $400. Ive narrowed it down to a used peavey classic 30, a used egnater rebel, and a new bugera v22. I play a les paul and am looking for a versatile amp that can do blues, country, classic rock, and funk. I am not that intrested in high amounts of gain. The most gain I will need is for Ac/dc type stuff and I already have a Boss ds-1 distortion pedal. Any opinions would be appreciated. thanks
I have a Classic 50 and I like it very much. Egnaters are good amps too and Bugera too. You read a lot about the bad building quality but IIRC they have improved that. I'd go for either the Peavey or the Egnater. Try playing them, although that might be hard to do.
Bugera V22 is my next purchase, it looks awesome! go and try it out a a guitar store, thats the best way to make a decision I think the Bugera will probably give you the best bang for your buck though, at $350, but I know that classic 30's are pretty amazing as well, just a little more pricey.
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The Peavey C30 is a becoming a legend, its the perfect working mans amp for blues-hardrock, the Rebel seems cool but I have yet to try it, I did see one last time I was at GC, but it wasn't pluged in so I didn't bother, I heard some clips and they seem decent. If your needing giging levels of clean volume the C30 will have the most clean headroom where the Rebel might strugle if your drummer is loud.
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I've only played the Rebel a little bit, and only have heard clips of the V22, but I own the C30. I can say that for what you want, they're all pretty good, but I absolutely love my C30. It can do anything from great cleans to medium gain overdrive (sounds great with a boost). Takes pedals well, has a good effects loop.
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played the rebel, one of the loudest amps i have played. almost as loud as my 120w xxx
it was nice though, i think that it would work pretty well for the what you mentioned.
and the c30 is way better than its price tag. just like every other used peavey tube amp, imo. i played the windsor (199 used at gc) and it was actually really good too. not what you want of course
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the Rebel is really nice for classic rock/early metal stuff. some people gripe about the gain, but there's plenty on tap. the two tubes allow plenty of versatility. the 6V6s are tighter, better for metal stuff, while the EL84s have a ruder quality to them.

the amp's only downside is that it's cleans arent too loud. with the master and watts cranked, you can get to about 11 o'clock being really clean. past that, it starts to break up. the cleans are still loud, just maybe not enough for a huge venue unmiced. for smaller venues, like pubs or your garage, it's perfect. i suggest getting a 4X12 cab for it. it helps add low end and it pushes more air.

try them all and if you like one more than the other, buy it. I own the rebel, so i'm probably biased towards it. i've played a classic 30, and i found they were a little over hyped. still a great deal, but i found they were lacking something i just couldn't put my finger on.

I have no experience with the Bugera, so i'm not going to say anything.

TL;DR - try them all, buy the one you like.
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Well Ive gotten to play the Bugera recently great amp for $350 but I found a used Classic 30 for about 300 and its getting new tubes. Im leaning towards the Classic 30 at the moment. Thanks for all the opinions.
Any more thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also what speaker would be a good replacement if i did get the classic 30. i think the speaker in it is a blue marvel, the labels come off so im going to test it then think about upgrading the speaker.
The BM are not that horible, as far as a replacment goes it really depends on what kind of tones you want from the C30, the V30 is great general replacment that works great for rock. Also the G12H-30 is great if your like more speaker dist. It will add a some grit for more of a classic feel. Ethier speaker works very well with the Classics.
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Johnbryant you are obviously a genius

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Custom USA Standard Telecaster
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Peavey MS412 Cab Celestion G12K-85's
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