I have a Gibson SG Special I purchased around a year ago and when I first got it I noticed some fret buzzing on the higher GBE strings. I raised the bridge and action and I got rid of it but the bridge and action were too high. I’d notice that on frets 12+ the strings were too high off the guitar which made it awkward to finger. I took it to a Guitar Center and had someone who worked there look at it he said some fret buzz was ok, he did say that my bridge/action were too high so he lowered it. He did it for free cause their guitar tech guy wasn’t in. I still get the damn buzzing!!!!!!!! I suggested adjusting the truss rod to give it more of a bow, but the guy said my set up was perfect. Would adjusting the truss rod get rid of this annoying buzz, or should I find out when a guitar tech will be in and pay someone to fix it?
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well it looks like adjusting the Truss rod did fix it. I didn't have to turn it that much at all, I raised the bridge just slightly also to make sure it was completely gone and now my SG doesn't buzz at all!