Hey, first off i wanna introduce myself my name is Mike iv been playing around 8 years and this is my first post on UG!!! haha. Ok heres my question, im in the market for an expression pedal but id like one that can hook up to 2 pedals, my delay and tremolo (that i will be buying soon) instead of buying 2 expression pedals for both pedals. i want to control the feedback for the delay and rate for the trem. Idk if this is possible, im not too familiar with expression pedals. and yea my delay has an ex pedal out and so will the tremolo
You can get a stereo expression pedal, or I suppose you could use a Y-cable from a mono unit, although that might have some odd results depending on the pedals.
I know Korg makes a stereo expression pedal, and I'd imagine a few other manufacturers do as well.