Poll: You screen your calls?
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Hate them
8 14%
Love them
4 7%
18 32%
I do it
27 47%
Voters: 57.
Just curious, do these people piss any of you off? I hate them, why not just pick up the phone and say 'I don't want to talk goodbye' instead of screening your call like holy ****.

EDIT: By screening I don't mean just looking at the caller ID, but those people who make you ring it twice then call back or make you leave a message on the answering machine, those crazy asses.
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I do it too, lots of people I don't wanna talk to and if I answer and I'll say that, they start crying(did it couple times)
Screening is their way of saying "I don't want to talk right now"

What's the issue?



I just turn off the ringer O_o
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I'm so awesome that if I call someone who isn't even home, they run home in time to pick up the phone. Sorry, TS.
i think it's the fairest thing i could be doing to the telemarketers/ jahovas witnesses, if what your talking about is like looking at call display and not answering
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not hated
Unless there's money involved, or its a good friend I usually let the voicemail take it. Sometimes I get calls like, "hey, can you help me move a bunch of crap for a few hours with your pick-up truck?" Regret answering those.
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[quote="'-[NiL"]-']Suspect that some girl is doing this to you?
No a friend of my moms sparked this thread, she makes you call, make it ring twice then call back, she never calls anyone outgoing either. I hate her.
The people you call just dont want to talk to you.

I do it when I dont want to talk to someone.
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I just never answer the phone. My dad doesn't either. If it's important, they'll leave a message. I feel no obligation to answer the phone and talk to anyone just because they feel like calling
I do it to not come across like an ass.. "oh I didn't see it, it was on silent"
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I just never answer the phone. My dad doesn't either. If it's important, they'll leave a message. I feel no obligation to answer the phone and talk to anyone just because they feel like calling





i do it alot with work. they have a nasty habit of calling people on their days off for stupid ****. so i let the answering machine get it and depending on what the message is depends on who i call back if anyone...
I hate when you call someone, they don't answer, you leave a message, hang up the phone, and they call back two seconds later, "what's up bro?"
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I always answer, but I check the caller ID first, like every other normal person I know.
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I only answer the phone if I know it's something important. I never answer if I know it's just someone looking for a chat. It wastes my minutes and I'd rather just talk to them online anyway. And if I don't recognize the number, I never answer. 90% of the time it's a bad attempt at a prank call or a wrong number.
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