I've followed The Simpsons all my life. So yeah

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I've followed The Simpsons all my life. So yeah

Yeah i followed them for like their first 5 years until 1994 then i stopped it its a good show though.
well, TMNT of course, also tom & jerry, looney toones(taz just cracks me up xD), digimon
and surely Dragonball (didnt see z & gt till 2 years ago)
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amp doesn't matter :P
I was watching the Cosby Show and Fresh Prince when I was younger

After that all I watched was Adult Swim

Though Courage the Cowardly Dog FTMFW.

And Johnny Bravo.
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Reboot, Dragon Ball Z, Cow and Chicken, Dextor's Lab, Tom and Jerry, Ed Edd and Eddy....
pretty much any of the old cartoons.

this. and then throw in some **** that my now 26 year old uncle was watching at odd times in the morning, and we're done.
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Beast Wars FTW
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