Hello everyone, I'm learning the Kirk's ending solo and the only problem that i'm having is that fast part at 05:36 of the song.

I know how to play that part but how do I properly train myself so I can play it faster. I can only play it at like 60% of speed.

Is it just that usual train train train all the same all the time, or is there any special technique to train the speed?
Just make sure you can comfortably play it cleanly and accurately at the speed you're at before you take it any faster, and gradually work your way up to it if you really want to get it at full speed.

Alternatively - slow the backing track down a bit, play it cleanly at a speed you're reasonably comfortable with and don't worry about getting it up to speed just now - then if you want come back to it in a few months time when it will seem easier and you'll be able to play faster generally.
The part in question requires quick bends and then pull-offs. Just practice doing it slow until you can do it faster comfortably with a clean sound.
Play it extremely slow, such as a tenth of the speed. As you get more comfortable with it increase the tempo, and repeat. Once you get to a tempo where you make a mistake and your not improving with it, then reduce the tempo again.
OK so basicly I should train it with clean, slowly step by step right? If I make mistakes I slow it down again....
When I first saw that in a tab like 2 years ago it looked impossible.

But when I did get better, I started learning blues which uses that lick quite often, not the exact one. Then I went back to it and now its rather easy.

Don't just use down picking. Down pick the first note, then descend while upstroking the e string and b string if that makes any sense.
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