Alright, we practice in Canton Georgia, the band is fairly new so we have about one song written and about five more that are half written, We really need a rhythm guitarist at the very least as the other guitarist I am very obliged to play rhythm sometimes and swap leads back and forth ect.. I am looking for guitarists with professional quality gear, a good attitude, and dedication, as far as experience goes we want a guitarist who can play originals, play in time, and not be tone deaf. We are really going for the serious band approach, so if you aren't doing anything but playing guitar with your life this band is pretty much where you want to be. The sound is inspired by bands like Trivium, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, but the sound is very much all our own.

Send us an email including.

Bands you like
Anything else you find necessary

To: alyeskaband@gmail.com

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Please before you email us either have or plan to have in the VERY near future a professional quality guitar and amplifier.
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i'd be interested but i'm only 16 and transportation could be a bit of an issue.

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