I was jamming with a friend of mine today, she's a drummer so i always bring my own amp but today she told me that some other friend left "a great marshall amp" that i could use, it turned out to be a MG15 I've never played one but from what i've heard/read its suppose to be one of the worst piece of sh*t amps ever.

Honestly the amp sounded WAY better then i expected, can't compare it to a great tube amp but for it's price it sounded awesome to me .. why the hate towards the mg15s ?

I record a soundclip and uploaded on my profile, it's not the best quality tho.

Why the hate ?!
It's not just aimed at the MG15's, it's the entire MG range.

It's not a great sounding amp, pricey for what it really is and there's better things in that price range. Also, wrong forum.
Naa its just this forum that thinks if its got written MG on it its evil, everywhere else people consider it just another amp. Which is what it is, an amp yet some people here have either a deep hate for it or they've never even touched one and just repeat what others have said. I still think they are not as bad as people make them out to be. Its mainly the player who makes them sound like sh!t. Here's a good video of the proof....

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people bandwagon. it's easier to agree on something somebody else says than to form your own opinion. not saying they're great amps, but they're good for what they're meant to do: bedroom playing. obviously if you play a show with them they're going to sound awful. for the price, they aren't too bad. just don't crank it too loud or it'll hum like there's no tomorrow (being a solid state amp)
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I've played them, and they're not terrible, but they're not good, and there's better in the price range.
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first this would go in GG&A (except its not allowed there). second, the mg-15 is fine for what it is: a practice amp. thin sounding and a bit buzzy, but fine for at home use if you are starting out. the problem is that they are overpriced, and they start selling these high powered version that are just really loud practice amps. for the same price you could get something much better. they arent horrible amps, they are just horrible amps for the price you pay when you get a big one.

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