I realize that there are tons of tabs out there, but is there a RIGHT one? I want to play what's most correct to the original song itself, but there are so many versions of tabs. The version I play has capo on 4th, but when Jason Mraz plays live he plays the song with the capo on the 2nd and I can't find any correct tabs that do that.

Odd though, because on some videos it looks like he's playing with NO capo... very confusing.

I guess while I'm at it, most of the tabs don't include the slide for the intro. All the guitar in the song is only 1 guitar right, so I should be able to play it very similar to what the album version sounds like?
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I'm pretty sure he plays it like this

From low E to high e
B Maj : 7 9 9 8 x x
F# Maj : 9 11 11 x x x
G# Min : 11 13 13 x x x
E Maj : 7 9 9 x x x

And I'm not too sure about the chords during the part where he scats. My friends and I just play the above 4 chords and improv over it. And there are 2 guitars and the second guitar which does the sliding part does this (or how I play it anyway) with no capo

Repeat as you see fit.

The reason he uses a capo on some and none on others is actually for another song and nothing to do with it. I'm guessing he just left it there because he was lazy to take it off. The chords he plays aren't affected at all by the capo, if you play it the way I play it
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I was also wondering how the strumming goes.

I was looking at this youtube tutorial, it explains at about 2:55

It says to use my fleshy part of my hand to mute the strings, but do I mute ALL the strings and which part of my hand should I be using? Should my hand be muting the strings WHILE I strum, or after the strum?
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