Fluttering wings, they fly away
just like your dreams, wash away
i can't complain, oh no
i can't complain, no way.

grasp your dream, slips away
just like before, dream away
can't complain bout fate, i guess
just gotta dig life, i guess

But babe, you know stuff ain't wrote in stone
we can decide for ourselfs...
we can fufill our dreams...
oh wait, no we can't

People come and go, like anyother
one min they're there and next they ain't
So true,
na na na na, so true.

Do something they go away
like i said before, my fluttering wings.
na na na na, fly on
na na na na, fly on

But my freind, you got to realise
when you ask me why...
I'm always by myself
Lifes a game when your on your own...
"Been Dazed And Confused For So0 LoNg ItZ n0T Tru3"

Fender LoneStar Strat.
Peavy VYPYR.