Hey everybody,

So, i've had it for a little over a year, and tbh, I barely know anything about my amp. I bought it because I was dying for Fender Twin Reverb, and I noticed in Guitar World somebody had a Fender Deluxe Reverb Head, and I thought they must've gutted it and put in all the electronics into a head and thought they could do the same with the Twin.

Lo and behold, somebody in eBay did. I tried getting it, alas, circumstances and forces beyond my control kept me from getting it. Next thing I know, I jump on an auction for a Fender Twin Reverb II head not knowing much about it, just thinking, "It says Twin Reverb on it, i'm good" and I won. I will say, its a damn good amp but there are subtle things I prefer on the regular Twin Reverb, and I dunno if its the head or my cab (I run it on a B-52 At-412 on mono at 8ohm, though i've always wondered what would happen if I used the 16ohm or both at the same time for stereo) but I get buzz or distorted noise on the lower frets and strings depending on the channel i'm on, and I know whenever I move around on the reverb or presence knob I get no difference in response at all from the amp.

So i'm just wondering what the story is about it, except that Paul Riviera built them, etc. and what I should know about my amp. Its got 2 GrooveTube 6L6's (dunno where they were made, they came with it and I haven't replaced them) and 2 sovtek 6L6's (one tube was blown or burnt out somehow, the other cracked on delivery, so I took it to a shop to get setup and they put sovteks on them, i've been meaning to change all four to american GT 6L6's or the Fender brand GT 6L6's but I haven't had the time or money).
Holy ****! You have a very rare and incredible amp, if I'm not mistaken. My tech has one and he said it is Twin Reverb cleans on channel one, and Mesa leads on channel two. You need to get it serviced with new tubes and rebias and all checked out. That amp deserves to be in tip top condition. What did you pay for it?

My guess is the reverb tank is broken, that is usually first to go. I'm guessing presence is working, but its subtle so you may not hear it, but I dunno. Either way take that thing to a high end tech and get it brought back to 100%.
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Nah i've used other Fender's and know the subtlety's of Presence, and mine's not doing jack.

Well, here's the story. I bought it on eBay for $650. At the time I didn't have much, and I was about to get paid anyway, and me and my friend were gonna go halfsie's on a PS3. Here's what happened, three days after I won the amp, I got into a nasty car accident. When my folks found out I had just bought an amp they told me to sell it, I refused, and then got pressured. Mind you, i'd spent a year hunting down a Fender Twin Reverb head, and on multiple occasions I had to let it go, I wasn't about to just lose this amp right when I got it. So what did I do? I stashed it at a friend's house, and the same friend I was gonna go halfsie's on the PS3 with, we used the money to give to my folks and tell them I sold it. I later paid him back, and eventually snuck my amp back in. But since all I had was a head, it wasn't another 10 months until I finally bought a cab. So basically, I spent $1,300 on my amp head.

So yeah, i've been meaning to get it serviced again, and looked over a list of official Fender amp tech's in Florida (I live in Miami), but i'm still iffy on them fixing it, cuz my old guitar teacher had a Mesa Mk3 and some "qualified" tech ****ed it up.

I will say, unless I can use the same footswitch as with the regular Twin's, I don't like how i have to pull/or push the volume knob to change between the regular channel and the reverb channel. I'd prefer plugging two cables into both sides like on the original twin, and using an A/B switch to alternate between channels, but maybe I can do that w/the regular footswitch, and because i'm not entirely familiar with how it all works (i bought it w/out a manual) I don't know how to use the effects loop.

I'll post pics later.

Oh and in case you were wondering, my fascination with Fender Twin's stems from my love of Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, John Squire of The Stone Roses, Johnny Marr of The Smiths, Jack White, and other Fender Twin users. I find that its the most incredible amp for clean tones, and using effects to color tones. The Vox AC30's alright, but i'm still iffy on it compared the the Fender Twin, and the Deluxe Reverb doesn't have a mid knob.

EDIT: IMO, eBay is every musicians best friend
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I guess you just have to talk to as many as you can and trust your instinct. I did that with my Bassman and the guy turned out to be a perfectionist. He told me everything he did and gave me all the parts he replaced. Just talk to the guy for a while until you feel like he has proven his credentials. The guy that did mine owned a local lights and sound company and had PAs and amps all over his house, so it was obvious he was legit.
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