What do you guys think of this guitar?


Has anyone played or heard it?

Shipped to my house, it would cost $55. A great price. It also comes with a gig bag! I want to know how it preforms(play,feel,etc). I have an sx strat and think its great! Thanks for the help
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Nylon strings?

I think that's the type of guitar my highschool bought a dozen of them, they never stay in tune and don't take light abuse very well.
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Nylon strings?

*instant reject*

What's wrong with Nylon strings?

TS, your guitar should work to say the least. I doubt the sound or playability will be that good.
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Sound will be crap. Playability will be crap. Quality will be crap.

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I've got a Valencia, and I've had it for years, and never had any problems with it. While being a cheap guitar, it sounds pretty good. Just keep good strings on it and keep it tuned (like any other) and you will enjoy it. Great value at that price.