I play grunge/alternative and i cant decide between a fender jaguar classic player hh, a fender mustang or an ibanez jtk 30.

I recently tried out all 3 and loved them all, which has made this decision all the more harder. so i need help deciding.
I would personally go for the jag. But then I wank to kurt cobain...

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I think, for you, that you should buy whatever guitar I like best.

Seriously - you buy whichever guitar feels/plays/sounds the best to you. Asking someone else which guitar is right for you is like asking someone else which sexual position is best. Nobody can tell you that.
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Jags have one of the smallest scale lengths which some people really like. Tuning stability isn't the best though due to the bridge design. Mustangs are more or less the same as Jags in these repsects. Hagstrom used to make a small scale beauty much like them many years ago before they went belly up which I tried and liked. The new Hagstrom company may still offer something like it these days. It was more stable as far as tuning goes and the PUs were very similar to the Jag.
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If youre into alternattive/grunge there is no need for an ibanez.

Dude the Jet King is nothing like the RG line. Just because Ibanez makes a well marketed brand of Metal Guitars doesnt mean that every single guitar Ibanez makes is for Metal.

Personally I think the Jaguar is the most kickass guitar, plus it looks the best out of the 3.
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For me personally, it would have to be the Mustang, my grandfather owns one and I love it! But it seems the Jaguar is a good choice as well considering the standpoints of everyone else but I have yet to play one.
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thanks for the help guys, still got a tough decision though might try the 3 guitars again and take it from there