Hey people at UG i'm starting a guitar club at my school that i and my two other friends will be in charge of. Now there will be kids there who want to learn how to play and im starting sort of a lesson plan for them but i don't really have that much. I've included different chords, scales, note reading, tapping, how to apply the scales to a song and solo over them, key changing i just want to know if there's anything i could add in there
Is it a complete beginner club?
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Put something really simple in there at the start that they can play, so you get them hooked. Even if its a one finger version of smoke on the water.

And don't get dissappointed if they don't learn as fast as you hope
Is it a complete beginner club?

It's basically a mix of beginner to intermediate students; the more advanced kids won't really need lessons and will probably be playing songs with me, one of the other heads or a partner
if they are complete beginners just start them out with basic open chords (A, Am, E, Em blah blah blah, you know the ones I mean) and songs using them, and finger excercises that help develope finger strength and independence. Keep it very simple until they get used to playing a bit, then move on to scales, more difficult songs, playing in key. etc etc. Maybe even teach them a few classic rock songs that use lots of power chords as they arent hard to do and would be fun for someone just learning to play.
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