Im selling my SKB Js45 pedalboard. I've gotten from 10 down to 6. 3 boss sized and 3 smaller ones. So I have a ton of room not being used. This thing could probably hold 12 single sized boss style stompboxes. I just really want something smaller. I already have one in mind, but before I can buy it I must sell this one. I live in dayton, ohio and would really prefer pickup. I have no clue what something this size would cost to ship and I dont even know where I would find a box to fit it. Im going to sell it for $200. It comes with all the connectors you would need. The case comes with a little wear, but thats what happens when you take it out of a bedroom. Hoping to sell it quickly so I can get it before then end of this month.

(old photo of the board. I've sold most of those pedals)
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