So i bought tickets from seetickets 2 months ago for Opeth and Dreamtheater but they still havent arrived and the gig is in 3 weeks. Do they normally take this long?
Nope. I believe you have been had.
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Did you get some sort of tracking number?


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you sure you didn't sign up to pick them up at a will call station? If not, contact the seller immediately and let them know what's up
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Your tickets usually won't show up until just before the show. I ordered Death Cab tickets two months in advance through StubHub and didn't get them til the week before.
I use seetickets, at least I think I do, and never had a problem. Just give it another week and if nothing happens, give them a call.
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i always buy tickets from seetickets, and honestly, they always come about a week before the gig.