Im trying to connect my guitar to the software I recently purchased called "Guitar Rig 3" It emulates the sounds of pedals and amps in software form. You guys probably know this.

So today I went out and bought a 1/4 inch to a 1/8 inch adapter and connected my guitar directyl into my Sound Card.
Now my card has MIDI support and all that and is supposed to be able to work as a preamp.

For some reason, when I connect my guitar to the computer, all I get is a buzz and no actuall sound. Its not a loud buzz but quite quiet and changes when I put my hadn on the strings. Such as if you had a normal guitar amp with the gain and distortion all the way up. Similar effect.

Anyone know what I may be doing wrong? I set the Guitar Rig 3 to use the guitars input and its picking up the buzz, but thats all.

Thanks in Advance
Sergio S.
First thing I'd check is that you're not using a stereo adapter on a mono cord or that the sound card input isn't stereo - is there a L and R input on the sound card?
You know you didn't buy it, other wise it would have the midi pedal.
Lol jk
Google 'asio driver'
You might just need the drivers.
Im using a stereo cable with a guitar 1/4 adapter that splits it 2 ways for L and R.

The card must be stereo as it is meant for instruments, and once my dad attached his media player to that and played musik right off the MP3 player.

And mabey I did or didnt buy it haha. Anyway, ill look into the ASIO. I know my card also supports that and comes with it but ive had a bunch of driver problems lately on Windos 7. Can the driver problems be causing this?