Hello guys.

As you can see, i am not very knowledgable when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Please could somebody explain what kinds of pedals there are out there in that big old world, and explain what they do?

I Would appreciate this very much guys, as i really need to learn this kind of stuff?

Thanks x
wah wah produces a sound similar to that of a baby crying
delay is where the note you play is produced later
looping is where you play a riff and it will repeat it
distortion is where the amp sounds as if it broken
tuner this is where you can see how well your guitar is in tune
volume this is where you can vary the loudness of the amp
accoustic simulator is where you electric guitar sounds similar to an accoustic guitar
talkbox is where you speak into a plastic pipe and your voice comes out as if your amp was talking
there are many more that i have not encountered so i can't say what they do
Oh, i didnt thank of using wikipedia.
Come to think of it, i didnt even search the internet.
Everything i have learned about the guitar i learned from this site, and it was first thought of posting it here.
Oh well.
Thanks for the list dude.

-Peace out \m/
No prob, just easier than typing it all out - no doubt you'll end up with more questions from reading that, come back when your reading assignment is complete
there is a nice section on this in the annoucement or FAQ in GG&A. read that, do a bit more searching and listen to some clips. if you have questions about specific pedals, feel free to ask. these general questions are better left to searches and such.