This song is kinda a joke song, made for like a funk rap kinda genre, i'll be sure to upload the final version when it's been done. Just looking for some lyrical opinions.

Bitch I know you got a hole that you want me to fill,
So i'm gonna get my tools and your ass i'm gonna kill,
I'm gonna enter you with my pneumatic drill,
Mother F**ker my tools don't come with out a bill,

You see i got my Black and Decker Power Tools,
They gonna work til broad daylight,
My Black and Decker Power Tools,
And silly bitch you ain't gonna put up a fight,

And when i pack up my things and i head to the van,
Skanky Hoe don't follow me cos you know i'm the man,
And then you go and pay me with as much as you can,
Well bitch that ain't enough Here comes Jackie Chan!

You see i got my Black and Decker Power Tools,
Bitch i'm gonna shank you cos you didn't gimmie what i need,
My Black and Decker Power Tools,
Mother F**ker your face is gonna bleed.
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