Is the Line 6 Spider IV HD150 150W a good head im a little worried due to the price since its only 400$ but I dont really have the funds to spend much more than that. I play mostly metal and I know its pretty dynamic with the tone. any help would be great thanks
nope. spider IIs, IIIs and IVs are all the same....Crap.

many better amps for the money.

(the only difference between III and IV is the looks)

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can you give me some examples on better amps for around 400? and why are they crap do they not last well or something
They sound very digital to the majority of guitarists as they actually are digital.

You could get a b-52 for 350 new, 60 watts tube, can do the br00talz too.
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They sound terrible and digital. That is the general consensus among people who have had time to develop an ear for tone. Go for a Valveking or Blues Junior with a pedal (not the boss metal zone or whatever the new one is called) for metal tones. Or a Bugera or something, I just have personal experience with the VK and BJ
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well, the cleans are a little better on the IV but overall the tone is just bad, especially for metal and rock, because even the distortions sound fake.

these amps are good for metal and hi-gain. they used to have a reliability issue spawning from the lack of a fan, but now thats all sorted. Some call them the 'poor mans mesa'


also, you could look at Bugera. Check out the gear4metal thread.

Epiphone Hummingbird
Epiphone Futura Custom Prophecy (Twin EMG)
Vox Valvetronix VT20+
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Boss MD-2
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im not looking for a combo amp due to the fact that i have a b-52 cab already and my peavey supream head **** out on me thats why im looking to replace it I always hated the tone i got from the peavey, but anywho the valveking is a bit more spendy then I want to go at the moment because im not working fulltime anymore Im checking out the bugera right now and anymore help would be super
Oh and if it helps any im kinda after the KSE tone I love the sound they get but their gear is insanly expensive but thats the sort of tone im looking for out of a head and I know im not going to get anywhere close to it with only 400ish bucks but its a start
Spider Valve HD100?

I think Matrix Claw was going on about how they're going for about $450 online or something like that.
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