Looking to buy a 80's style guitar, mainly to play stuff like Extreme, Journey, Boston, Poison etc etc, and I need a general opinion on good guitars that fit my needs.

Budget is £400-£500, exceptions within reason, so what you got for me?
charvel or jackson soloist
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neon jackson, or flying V.
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a charvel with one of those spider web designs similar to the one the guy from steel panther used in the death to all but metal vid
Forgot to mention a Strat shape is preferred.
Liking the Gunslinger Blade.

kramer jersey star reissue

original floyd rose system, great sound.

they pop out often for sale on ebay, couldn't tell you the price though. just to give you more options....

kramer 1984 bullseye

im guessing they are a bit hard to get, and a bit pricey too, but again, they're options. you should check more kramer 80's models. they're amazing.

good luck! bring back the 80s man
These Fender HM (Heavy Metal) Strats go for reasonably cheap in the U.S. Usually around $400-$500 which is probably around 240-300 pounds. Man that Jersey Star looks nice.
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Kramer Nightswan

Good luck finding that one let alone under a grand in good condition.

Best value for money I think is an 80's Kramer Focus series guitar. Made for Kramer by ESP in Japan at the time with a German OFR. They pop up on Ebay and CL all the time, just gotta keep your eye out but I wouldn't pay more then $350 for one and that would have to be mint condition. Here's mine, a Focus 1000. Bought it in spring of '08 for $240 CDN off CL. Pop in a JB and its the closest thing to a USA Baretta for under $300.

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I already have a Kelly, but it is more orientated towards metal to be honest, and it is up for sale!
Liking the look of the Kramers more and more.
Kramer. Kramer, Kramer, Kramer. I don't know why anyone would even consider anything else, there is nothing more 80's rock than a Kramer.
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Kramer. Kramer, Kramer, Kramer. I don't know why anyone would even consider anything else, there is nothing more 80's rock than a Kramer.

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I did a lot of gigging in the 80s and Kramer was the guitar of choice back then. If you want to play 80s music Kramer is the way to go.

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Ibanez RG

Those are my votes for the most 80s guitars.

jellifish gots it!
All I play are 80's guitars!...with the exception of the UV7 and it was conceived in hairspray.

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Washburn X50 Pro, sure it's not as eighties styled as some of the other guitars suggested hear but I'd wager it'll do the music you want at your price range.


EDIT: This is the model I was thinking of

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Kramer. Kramer, Kramer, Kramer. I don't know why anyone would even consider anything else, there is nothing more 80's rock than a Kramer.

A Charvel is just as 80s though, so it would be deeply unwise to rule it out. I mean for god's sake, if the Frankie itself is anything it's a Charvel.

With the money you've got you should be able to score a genuine vintage version of either (assuming you're not after a Pre-Pro Charvel, mind). They pop up sporadically on eBay and in classifieds everywhere. I'm not overly familiar with the catalogues of either back in the day though.
Alternatively, there are good new equivalents. For a bit more cash, a new Charvel (like mine in fact) has all the vibe as well as all the quality you'd associate with Fender's (and consequently most of its family's) current reputation. The BC Rich Gunslinger Retros are reasonable choices, although I'm not a fan of their overall quality. Kramer wise, none of the new stuff (custom shop excluded) fits the bill but something like one of the relatively recent Jersey Star reissues would fit the bill perfectly. A couple of others could include the LTD George Lynch models or, of course, an Ibanez RG, although the most 80s stuff is all up in the Prestige range.
Charvel also yea. I want a 1 pup Charvel with their brass bridge installed (or at least a project guitar with it cause they are so overpriced), like this guitar has. Thats one of my GAS's now.

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