Can you create Violin tabs on PTE?

I have been trying to get and make violin songs but am having serious troubles transposing to the guitar on PTE.

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You can probably get a violin arrangement for sibelius or finale and there might be some way to show a guitar tab arrangement?
You can make "violin tabs", only violinists won't be able to read them, since they don't have frets, and don't think of the places where the notes are as numbers. You should be able to specify the number of strings, and tuning. Choose 4 strings, tuned G3, D4, A4, E5.
I play violin. I could not read violin tab to save my life. You're really best off just writing it out in standard notation. I mean, do you really care what string they play it on? That would be the only purpose of tab outside of not knowing how to right standard notation. But if you can't write standard notation, you'll have a hard enough time converting from the guitar which is tuned in 4ths to the violin which is in 5ths.
I think it would be easier to just learn standard notation. It's not really that hard if you just try. Sorry that I wasn't of much help, just had to say that.
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i didnt even know there was violin tabs
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i didnt even know there was violin tabs

If you read the whole thread you'd know that they aren't something that violinists use.