Well, i made this so i can see what people thinks about my gear and to see what are you guys using... do it like this, if this works we could have a good base of reviews.


Gibson Studio Vintage Mahogany:

The guitar that can make it all, standart pups and hardware, no finish, sounds like a beast. has everything that a humbucker guitar can have, it is the best guitar that ill keep, has 2 years now, and it is wearing out the small finish that they gave to the wood...

Marshall DSL 401

1x12, 40 watts, good clean, very good overdrive... can be not so loud to play at home, can turn too loud to play in live situations... it is a workmachine, the rock an roll amp, it should sound really good witha a V30 4x12 cab...

Dunlop 95Q

Standart wha...not the best thing in the world, but it is a step and wha pedal...it is a crybaby, simple to use, the wha is there, and anything else would be too much

Ibanez TS9 DX

Ibanez TS9 whit 4 modes... it has the TS9 tubescreamer sound with a good upgrade, you can change the standard TS9 sound (the real deal) for a hot and very hot tube sound... its my favorite pedal, i use it in many situations, as a boost distorcion, with the wha pedal, and as a clean boost. the pedal is overpriced, the standard one can do everything that the DX makes, the 4 modes arent the end of the world...useless if you like to pump um the cleans and add a crunch sound...

EHX Memory Boy

My new toy. Good analog delay, its fare away from the DMM, but it has a good tipical analog delay sound... The chorus is very good and transparent. The vibrato is killer. the pedal can give you more that you would expect. It has a good range of analog repeats. It his the EHX response to MXR carbon copy, in my opinio, side by side, the delay is darker, but better sounding... this pedal can open a new world of sounds when is side by side with an expression pedal... play this with an wha in square wave setting and you will turn your amp into a space noise box.

this is my gear, i have an EHX Big Muff coming out soon. ^

hope this is not repost, and hope to see some reviews
Unknown OHM Amp: Boring little 5 watt transistor amp, only the volume knob works and the cut filters just make everything bloomy. Takes pedals very badly and overall sucks and turns me off about guitar.

Washburn X10: Boring guitar, dull tone, meh neck and so on. Turns me off about guitar aswell

My gear sucks
Main Guitars (i have others, but not really worth reviewing):

2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard: honey burst finish, the best sound i've ever heard in my life. i would not trade anything for it. you could find the most expensive high quality instrument on earth, and i'd still take my les paul. it is my soulmate.

2006 Gibson EDS-1275: heritage cherry finish, custom shop model. plays amazingly, sounds even better. very versatile... very heavy.

2005 Fender American Standard Strat: Olympic white, maple fingerboard, sounds fantastic, plays very well, very light springy sound. amazing for clean work

Fender Deluxe Reverb: my choice for sparkling clean playing. very loud, lots of headroom. nothing beats it for cleans. overdrive is also very sweet.

Vox AC30: greatest amp of all time in my opinion, the cleans are staggering, bell like and massive sounding, the overdrive is sharp, crisp, and smooth all at once. very distinct tone. my main amp.

Marshall Vintage Modern coming eventually


Korg SDD-3000: given to me by my uncle, most of you will know of this thing because of The Edge, as this is the unit he uses. the tone is very analog sounding, very high quality, love it.

Dunlop Cry Baby: do i even need to review it? everyone knows why this is the best selling pedal of all time.

Ibanez Tube Screamer: sounds very good but i rarely use it. i prefer to naturally overdrive the amps

EDIT: aw dammit, might as well just copy and paste this into the review section. forgot about that.
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Guys as britishsligean said, WE HAVE A REVIEW SECTION ALREADY


Reviews CD's, instruments, effects, everything.

And it already has a massive base of reviews
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So this is one of those threads where we brag about our gear, eh?


Ibanez GAX30: My first guitar! Actually doesn't sound too bad and plays well. The 'buckers lack clarity, but that's my only real complaint. Cheap Ibanez guitars get way too much hate here.

Epiphone LP Goldtop: Made in 2002, so still a Korean model. Comes with two humbuckers, which were made by Gibson, most likely not models that are used on Gibbos, but some cheaper off-shots. They're still a lot better than the pups on other Epis I've played. The tuners are also a lot sturdier than the ones you find on other Epis.
It's a very pretty guitar and sounds a lot better than what you'd expect for the price. Acoustically, it's pretty middy, even a bit nasal on the wound strings. The top end could be more pronounced, it's also not too touch responsive. Surprisingly, it doesn't lack top end when played through an amp, so the 'buckers are a good match for it. Nice clear tone, great for everything rock. The sustain could be better. Fretwork is good, all in all.
This guitar has it's flaws, but is still miles ahead of most things Epiphone. I think I'll keep it.

Fender Custom Shop Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster: Well, it's a strat. Expect great single coil sounds and rather mediocre sustain (I don't care much about the latter, tbh). I like that it came with a roller nut which helps a little when abusing the trem.
With Fender CS guitars, there's no point in researching models much, since you'll end up with ten different models that have nearly identical specs - pfft. Just decide whether you want alder or ash and maple or rosewood and try a bunch of them, to see what individual guitar is the best, not necessarily which model.
I like the guitar, the workmanship on it is excellent, playability is also great. Definitely a keeper.

Ibanez TB15R: Not the worst amp I have ever played, but close. Very harsh, fizzy drive, prone to muddiness, even though there is very little low end.

Epi Valve Junior: Nice warm cleans with single coils, useless middy mess with humbuckers. No point in having the volume control higher than 12 o'clock, since that's when the drive really starts kicking in and the tone takes a turn for the worse. Harsh, trebly, ear piercing, annyoing and still without any definition when talking about mids. Surprisingly, not touch responsive at all.
Don't use it's drive. Use a pedal instead or like I do, a processor. It's a wonderful practice amp then.

Laney LC15: Just great for jamming. It's compact, yet powerful enough for band use, so I take it to jam sessions a lot. Great for blues and rock, clean headroom is limited though, Like many cheaper tube amps, it has a tendency to get a little too much bite and a wee bit muddy with the gain set high, but it's tolerable and it cuts through the band mix like a hot knife through butter.
Very nice amp alltogether, recommended for people who need a tube amp on a budget.

Kitty Hawk Junior combo: It's a late version ('91 I think), which uses EL34s in the power amp unlike earlier models which used 6L6s. Late Kitty Hawks are supposed to be unreliable, well, this one hasn't gone up in flames yet.
The cleans are too bright for me, no EQing in the world could fix it. The crunch is fantastic though. It's smooth and relatively bright, just the way I like it. There's even a boost function that gives you added gain and a slight volume bump, just enough to get heard better during solos. The tones's always clear and defined, no mud no matter what you try. The sustain you get with this amp is absolutely amazing. I'd keep it if I wasn't raising money for an Engl Blackmore.

Vox Tonelab SE: Still my favourite floor processor. Great amp and speaker simulations and most effects are nice as well. I like that I can plug it directly into the PA at band rehearsals or gigs and don't have to lug my way too heavy Kitty Hawk around. At home I just use it with my Epi VJ and have a very nice practice setup. Very cool, definitely recommend it, that goes for the newer version, the Tonelab LE, as well (haven't tried the Tonlab ST yet).