Hey everyone.

I have the Boss GT6 and JC 120 from a while but just a few days ago I wonder, There's a better way to make the connection?

Since I have both I just plug the guitar into de "input" port of the GT6 and the L(Mono) Output of the GT6 with the "In" of the JC 120.

I was reading around about 4 cable method and I try it out but doesn't really works for me. I mean.. I want to use the preamps of the GT6 and the Distortion/Overdrive of the GT6 too. With 4 cable method it seems that you use the distortion of the amp. The last setup that I try and it seems to be the best for me is: L(mono) output of the GT6 to the FX loop L(mono) of the JC120 and Right output of the GT6 with the FX loop right of the JC120. In that way I can control everything from the GT6 and the preamp of the JC120 doesn't give any sound.

Is that the best way?

I also want to use a Dunlop Cry baby instead of the original wah of the GT6 (The difference is huge). So.. Can I just plug my guitar into the cry baby and then the cry baby into the GT6 input? using the external effects of the GT6 I can't use the distortion/overdrive section what doesn't work for me.

My final decision is right? or there's something wrong? there's a better way?

Thanks for the help.
Thanks for the replie darkflame..
What about the crybaby connection? I plug my guitar into de crybaby and then the output of the crybaby to the input of the GT6?
Yes, that's correct.
I think the his suggestion to bypass the amp's preamp completely is a good one.
What Darkflame said; that's how I had mine and it sounded brilliant.
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Thanks guys..
Im trying the bypass and is awesome.. no preamp from the JC120 just the GT6 and the result is a lot better than when I plug it directly into the amp.

And the cry baby before the GT6 give me a really good wah.
You should have a search for a book called GT-8 Brilliance. A lot of the stuff in it should still apply. Really gives some brilliant tips.
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