iv been playin five years, self taught, and four to five hours a day. but i still have off days now and then like prolly once or twice every three weeks i have a bad day where i cant play **** im not the only one right?
i mean i love guitar and am gettin ready to go to school for it but never jammed with anyone but one guy who wasnt that good (i mean really not that good he could tap and play the top gun anthem lol) so everyone i talk to says that everyone has a bad day now and then but then again they dont play guitar, so im not the only one that has bad days right lol
oh ya and the reason i havent jammed with anyone but that one guy is because my town has 800 hundred people in it and only one guitar player......me lol
You'll always have off days. In those days try to do some warm up exercises and come back to it later. It should help some at least.

For the jamming, just use some backing tracks and use a metronome. It's not the same stuff, but it helps. Oh, and try hard to find some people to jam with. Me personally I've just gone around on myspace and found local musicians and they've turned out to be really good friends(And amazing musicians). You don't even just have to jam with another guitarist, finding a drummer helps a lot, but is hard to find.
k sweet and i just moved to a bigger town recently so there should be some local bands around, thanks just makes me feel better to know that everyone has a bad day once in a while lol
hahahahahaha no but everyone pretty much knows everyone a lot of them are old people and nobody my age but that one kid and i lived there my whole life up until i moved to where i am now about three months ago, but i should be able to find people to jam with now lol
Wow 5 years and only jammed with 1 person? That's like being home schooled on guitar...let your guitar be socialable...I've never heard you or anything but I'm guaranteing you that you will be 100 times better once you learn how to read other musicans and improv...improving over a backing track is cool but you can't communicate with it...the coolest and most rewarding part of playing guitar is to jam with others and flow with each other,opening up new ideas you would never imagine you had

Get out there and meet some people quick!!! :p
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