I'm just wondering what your guys opinions on it are and what cabs would go good with it. I play mostly Muse (Showbiz, OoS, Absolution stuff), some Iron Maiden/ RATM and a little bit of A7X.
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It will do that stuff fine. It's OK for the money but imo it doesn't have the quality you get for your money. When I played it was in the loud room at GC. Granted it was in the middle of playing a Marshall 100w JMP and then a Mesa Dual Rec, but the knobs (pots) didn't have the same pressure to be applied and the some of the buttons didn't work at all. Sure it was a floor model but it was new as they had just gotten it. Turned me off big time. Drive was just 'OK' for me.

My standard list of questions:

Genres? x
New or Used?
Home or Gig?
Closest City?
Current Gear? x

DSL >>>>>>>> Dual Rec.


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^def cool to have your own opinion but I was speaking more from a quality perspective. And someone must have dialed in the Recto pretty good before I was in there because it sounded damn good to me.

Also TS: Depending on you budget I highly recommend Avatar cabs. They are well built and built to order so you can pick your color, specs, speakers etc.
given that Matt Bellamy used a DSL on the early albums, it would do just dandy for what you want to play. can get RATM tones well, definitely Maiden, and probably a pretty decent A7X tone too
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Speaking from owning one, it'll work nicely for those bands BUT i'd only buy it if your in a band situation cause there abit 'meh' at untill you get a bit of volume into it.
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DSL >>>>>>>> Dual Rec.

Couldn't disagree more, sure they do different things but as an ex owner of both a dual rec and DSL100 I can say that the mesa was by far the better amp. It did everything the marshall did and more.

Contrary to popular belief dual recs can sound very marshally if you dial them in right.

I mean they were based on an SLO100 which is a hot rod Marshall.
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Quote by Dr.Pain-MD
DSL >>>>>>>> Dual Rec.

I own a Single Rectifier and a DSL 2000

Single Recto > DSL

Marshall DSL or TSL sounds like crap

the lead channel is buzzy and lacking body, very boring and fuzzy.

the clean channel is OK at best.
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Before you get one check out some other amps too. I guess the Blackstar Series One 100 and Orange Rockerverb would also be fine for you.
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dsl is a quality amp. i prefer dual recs, but that's my ears.
they're rather run-of-the-mill to be honest, nothing hotrodded about them like you'd find in a Splawn, Voodoo, etc.
orange has better features and tone IMO, but they're also pricy depending on your local market.
good tone. you should have no problem getting the sounds you want.
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Thanks for all the suggestions.

and also,
Budget - None yet
New or Used - Either
Home or Gig - Band practice/gig
Closest City Windsor or Detroit if you want big name guitar stores.
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If your thinking about getting it, then get it. The more you think about it the more you will freak out and be unsure of yourself, its what happened to me and now I live alone in a mud shack in the middle of Kansas city with robot dogs and chicken wings.

Is that what you want to happen to you?