Hey there, thought i would get in on the mindless self promotion here and promote my little band you and what army.


We have a bit of a strange sound to us to be honest, heavy guitars, trancey synths, rap singing and quite funky bass lines. Now a lot of people really despise the music for one reason or another and i really don't mind, be honest, i would love to hear constructive criticisms, comments and praise. Thanks guys = D
Just listening to it now, i can totaly see why you liked us, we have very similar elements. Like the sound, cool drum programming, maybe the screams could do with a little subtle distortion to add some grit. great stuff though buddy keep it up. Did you purchase any merchandise in the end?
fantastic, thanks for that hope you enjoy it = D
i ahvn't listened to that particular track yet, i will do tomorrow but for now bed is calling me, it's 3.30 am here in England. I will let you know tomorrow what i think of it good sir. I hope i awake to other people aprroving of YAWA too = D