pretty cool track..i didnt like the very beginig/intro of the song but im really digin the riffs. the lead was ****in badass. probably my favorite part of the song. i do wish it had vocals. i like how its ounk but in parts also has a metal feel to it or atleast it does to me.definatley get some vox on it. ill give it 9/10 for lack of vox

crit mine if you want

those are some realy coool riffs. i'd use less treble in the tone/mix.
i really dug the solo, lots of talent in that one!
are you using fruity loops for drums too?
PICK SLIDES FTW!!! Hey, man, that was great! Fast, energetic, and LOUD! Great bass work (not very punkish bass, but still awesome). However, if you want to make really hardcore punk, I'd suggest turning down the distortion and turning up the mids. Other than that, that was a spot-on punk song with a great bassist.
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Pretty sweet, man. It's very energetic, just like punk should be. The guitar parts are all great, solo is nice, though I can't help but feel the tone is wrong. It's not a bad tone, but I think that tone is more suitable for metal, but maybe it's just me. I'm also not crazy about how it ended, it just seemed weird. But slap some lyrics on and this will be a great punk song.

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