I have a bunch of guitars so im thinking of selling two of them that i dont play that much, first of is a MIM fender tele black, bought it new this summer never really played it spent most of its life in a gigbag, all original,couple of scratches from in store usage
second i have a Ibanez RG 321 MH, midnight blue color,INF 3,4 pickups, bought it used over the summer, never played much has a good sound, needs a set of pickup screws in the bridge pickup, have it held in with tape, works but would be better to have the screws, have some signs of use but a nice guitar,

PICs coming soon
price wise i asking $400 for the fender and $250 for the ibanez, but open to offers, buyer pays shipping
I know this is a way old thread, but do you still have the tele? Would you be interested in trading? I have a MIM Strat, 3 color sunburst, tortoise shell pick gaurd, blah blah blah that I'd really like to trade for your tele.