Now ive done a small bit of searching around and its hard to find an answer to this question as the general response is save more money. However im playing on an a Radio Shack MPS-31. I plain and simple cannot justify spending over 200$ on an amp but I really want something a little nicer than what I have. If you cannot make a suggestion please just dont respond or tell me to save more I have to get something and thats what I have to spend. I play alot of classical rock

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$200 is pretty low, the best you will get is a Peavey Vypyr
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Definitely go for a Vox AC4 or a Fender Superchamp XD.
Both are great amps. I'm not a big fan of the Vyper myself.....

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my car and amp recently had a problem so its either drive to work and play a cheap amp or lose my job and play something nice lol I figured if I spend under 200$ it will be something i can take with me easily ive never had something i could toss in my car and drive to a friends so /shrug