Hey just a quick piece, nothing special but some of you might like it. C4C. would love advice. Cheers

The Blues

Where I come from
They call this the blues
For breakfast 3 beers
And lunch another 2
You lock yourself inside
To subside the pain
Afriad if you leave
It'll resurface again.

Where i come from
They call this change
A common occurance
in a nomadic life
unfortunatley for others
who are less transisting
change is a bitch
which must be resisted.

Where I come from
They call this reality
where the blues are comman
and pain is constant
change is inevitable
and love is a lottery
and no matter how hard you try
your words just dont rhyme

where you are now
you call me a stranger
but only a month ago
I was your lover
time moves quickly
and lives change direction
ive got the blues
but your my solution
The times are changing
Dude, that's great!
Bluesy and meaningful!
I really like the last stanza, it concludes the song really well.
Put it with a good blues rhythm and you have yourself a hit!

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