I just got myself a schecter copy...a great deal imho...really really great guitar for its price

Problem is...i want to do some work on this guitar...it'll be an over time project, but the main part would be stripping the white paint and painting it probably red, orange or green...

But then, with the studs sticking out of the body for the bridge and string-through area, how am i suppose to get it done properly?

Is it possible to gently and safely remove these parts?

Are they expensive? The ones on the guitar are pretty rusty...i don't mind replacing the metal parts stuck through the body

not my guitar by the way ^
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sweet...but it won't damage right? When putting them back/replacing...will any glue be needed?
the ferrules are like $5 for a top set and $7 for a back set.

They are most likely glued in. The way I would do it is drill out the whole thing and then dowel the holes, then redrill and put new ones in there. You will not be able to see the dowel because it'll, 1 be covered by the ferrules a fair bit and 2 your painting it a solid colour.
Well the top and back set I bought from Stewmac, have just enough room to insert the butt off a drill peice through the back and pushes out the top retainer, and then use a wider rod to push out the back retainer, but they are a different design to those.

So at least try and push them out with something before more destructive methods.

You should only need to push them in, not glue them.

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