To cut a long story short, I bought a "Riviera" guitar from a pawnbroker today for AUD$85. Woo hoo! Long live cheap no-name products! Kindly excuse the low-quality camera phone photos, too.

I've never bought anything from a pr0nbr0ker before, but there was a cheap electric guitar at the local store that I'd noticed last week. After doing battle with the angry old man shopkeeper who kept ignoring me until he realized that I actually wanted to buy something and suddenly became amazingly nice, the guitar was mine for a mere AUD$85. That's apparently USD$74.0030, or so the XE.com online currency converter tells me.

I've never heard of this so-called Riviera brand - ever! - and Google yielded no results, but the price pretty much made up for everything. The shop guy claimed that it's a great name that's been around for at least 12 years. Hmm, right. Sure.

Anyway, the guitar has a headstock shape that's vaguely reminiscent of a Jackson, which is what I initially thought it was the first time I saw it, since I wasn't granted a good look. See, it was on a shelf twice my height and the unco-operative owner fellow said I could try playing it if I could reach it. WTF? He finally agreed to provide a ladder later.

It also has one humbucker pick-up, which is what I've kind of wanted for a while. The minimalist approach seems pretty fun, and it definitely befits a guitar of such low expectations.

As for how the instrument actually plays, it's surprisingly - and I must admit this - superior to the starter Ibanez I currently own. That's due to the great set-up, though; the intonation seems perfect to me, there doesn't appear to be any fret buzz and it stays in tune wonderfully. My Ibanez, on the other hand, I once had the foolishness to tamper with. Thus, its settings are more than slightly screwed up. Oh yeah, add the fact that its neck is wonky because I dropped it a few times and you can imagine how wonderfully it plays.

It's hard to gauge the quality of the sound with the aid of a sucky practice amp, but it seems that it has a slightly "rockier" tone than my Ibanez, which has the capacity to sound more pop-punk-ish for some reason. Oh well, playing either through my ZOOM will produce zingy distortion effects, so it doesn't matter.

Anyway, overall, this guitar seems to be of amazing value. It's less than half the price of the cheapest new guitar in music stores (Squier Bullet, at AUD$200), so while I'm hardly into secondhand goods, this was definitely worth it. It's lucky because I actually have a show coming up soon, so at least this instrument will stay in tune! Plus, if I accidentally smash it or something (although I'm not sure how anyone could do that unless they were drunk), it wouldn't be too much of a loss. Hurrah!
Looks like a Kramer.

Gratz! ^^
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Hmm looks like a Jackson and a Kramer had a baby. HNGD


(Why is this emoticon green? It's kind of creepy.)

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Looks like a Kramer.

Gratz! ^^


In retrospect, it resembles a Kramer slightly more than a Jackson. Wait, maybe I'm just being paranoid here. They kind of look the same, anyway. It has a very Ashton-like body, though.

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A new guitar is a new guitar, and at a great price who can complain? HNGD!
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