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youth in asia
i'm better off dead than a chain-link champion,
and the mother i met ain't one i'd leave again;
she kisses a man who hits the kids but never misses them,
and i've got the blistery paws of the rooftop coyote,
cut feet from scraping shingles trying to tell the moon
to go fuck herself for being so gorgeous and out of reach,
but when the morning kicks the hell out of me,
god, i miss her. i miss her so much.

the neon brands threaten to scar the pavement,
while we make to hang ourselves from the water tower
because this town simply ain't big enough for our discontent,
but instead turn to belittle our bellows in the arms of silent sufferers
who promise to align our barley groans into the song of the sweet amnesiac,
and when the keen edge of the eastern horizon cuts my three sheets in half,
i watch the fire bloom menacingly on the edge of the street, and beg quietly
for its ultraviolet arms to embrace me in the warmth and brightness
it hordes so greedily.

we are the population of poetic progression,
purgatorial love of all things scientifically accepted.
the mysticism of the god has turned to a lonely astronaut
on the dark side of the moon. a vast expanse of lonely land
begs not for a house but merely a friend, and when i talked
to probably the smartest man i ever met, he said to me,
"i don't think there's nothing wrong with killing chinese children
in fact it's probably saving them. it's a small world after all."
I like the play on words that is the title. Youth in Asia- euthanasia. It's nice.

It also reminds me of an Ali G. episode where he asks why the youth in Asia get to decide who dies. Good stuff.

Back to your piece, I liked it a lot. Lots of alliteration and the like. It flowed very smoothly.

I didn't understand this so well. Probably just me though

But it was written quite well, so good job?
You usual flow isn't here in this and I don't think that's a good thing, because your usual flow works (and can work without feeling samey). You know that hard sound? In a rhythm that uses poetic techniques to carry it along but in which the letters of the words don't combine to give the same feeling? Usually I get that feeling in that scenario at least, but here the letters at the start of the words aren't that poorly chosen. It feels like the letters and the formations overall just clash.
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