So I'm still very new this this but trying to write as much as possible

It's probably nothing that's not been said a million times before but I would appreciate any feedback



I still remember the first time
Getting back to yours having been up all night
We’d talked for hours and put the world to rights
The first
Beautiful night with you

And waking up in your room,
I’d wake sweating, the sheets so wet
But hoping it’s a feeling I won’t forget
The next
Beautiful night with you

You still look incredible, just a little different now
But we’re not the same people we were before
And our arguments they seem to happen more
The last
Beautiful night with you

So take your red dragon off my union jack
Keep your broken mornings I don’t want them back
I’m moving on from here, I’m not turning around until I find someone
To share these beautiful nights

You used to say I love you more than life
More than the stars in the sky
The ones we used to watch at night pass us by
But there are no more
Beautiful nights with you
I like the reoccuring theme, and I wonder how this will work out in a song. It's pretty good for a beginner, really.
Few pointers:
''And our arguments they seem to happen more''
I'm not a native American/English person, but I'm pretty sure arguments don't 'happen'. 'Occur' would probably be a better word, eventough it doesn't sound as good.

''You used to say I love you more than life''
There's something about this sentence that doesn't seem right. I think I'd change it into 'You used to say you loved me more than life'. It sounds better.