after training for two years i decided to record some songs.

i know nothing about recording and the audio interfaces, and unfortunately my home is very far from the guitar shop which have the recording devices.

after one week i will go to Japan so i will buy the audio interface from there but i need your help guys to choose the best thing because when i was looking for an amp i bought Marshall MG30 and it's like a **** so i dont want to repeat the same mistake.

i found two audio devices but what do you think about them:

1 - EDIROL UA-20 ( http://lemoine.guitariste.com/forums/photos/8725-1-big.jpg )

2 - POD Studio™ UX1 ( http://www.uniquesquared.com/eBayImgs/line6_podstudiox1_thumb.jpg )

by the way i dont know anything about them i found them with high rates in another site reviews so i chose them.

if you guys know something better than them with better quality and price help me plz.
i have a model of the pod studio (i have the kb37 which is basically the UX2 with a midi keyboard). its really great for guitar modeling, since its a line 6 product. it has microphone inputs with 48v phantom power(if u ever wanna use condenser mics) and has literaly zero audio lag. the real selling point is the guitar stuff though, youll be really surprised, it sounds awesome. i dont know much about your other interface but it donesnt really seem tailored for guitar stuff. i think the pod'S probably ur best bet! dont forget to buy some quarter inch plug headphones!

u might wanna go for the ux2 if you ever wanna get into recording a guitar and mic at the same time or 2 guitars or 2 mics
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ohh so i can record with mic by using the UX1 !!

ok what about the POD GX1 because i dont want to use mic ( my guitar only )

any suggestions ??
sorry but i have another question

can i connect my guitar to the pedal ( PODXT or Pocket POD ) and then connect to the POD GX1 or its not possible.
yes but its not very uselfull considering the gx1 gives you tones in the computer that you can modify(so if youve recorede something and your not happy wiht the sound you can modify even after having recorded). if your looking for something jsut to play the POD xt is the best out there. all of these products pretty much have the same use except that the pods are more portable and the GX can record
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you talk about pedals too so you mean the pod xt live?

no i mean PODXT not live

so you mean if i want to play and record i can buy the PODXT only but if i want record and modify i have to buy both of them !!

yeah with the pod xt you need to purchase an interface but you could witha cheaper on than the gx, i dont know much about the other interface you were considering but it ould also work with the pod xt if it was just to record

OK Thax

i will but the PODXT and GX to be in the safe side