It's been a while since I've posted a song here on UG!

Anyway, This is a song from my recent project. It's something different to what I would normally write and play, as I'm more into the Hardcore scene. But with this new band, I wanted to try something different.

And as a result, this turned up. I have no idea where to go to next in this song. Any input at all would be nice. Critisism as to whether what I have so far is good or not is also welcome.

Thank you! C4C, as always.

EDIT: Also, turn RSE on if possible.
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I've gotta ask, why's there no bass?

Anyways, it still sounds good without it; so far, this piece is pretty good.

C4C? It's the link in my sig.
Add some bass that's not just root notes and have the lead play something different from the rhythm.