hello, theres a few songs that i wanna play that are tabbed in the dgcfad tuning, however the chords are only written as 'c, d, e' etc... rather than shown on the fret board diagram thingy? and as this is a different tuning than standard i dont know what the finger positioning is to get the right chords . ive looked on the net for ages and cant find nothing in this tuning, does anyone know where i can find any chords??
Play bare chords, but a whole tone higher than you would play them in normal tuning.
For open chords, the tones are all a whole tone lower than in standard tuning, so the chords will be a whole tone lower as well. A becomes G, D becomes C, E becomes D, etc
If it's a tab, then you play the song exactly the same as you would in standard. Because it's tabbed for that tuning. So a C chord will be played just like it is in standard only sounding 1 step lower.
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Learn your notes and you'll never have that problem again.

I'll try to be helpful, though. You're in standard tuning, just tuned down one whole step. Either you're supposed to play those chord shapes, or you're supposed to transpose up one whole step. If the second is the case, you could either use a capo on 2 or just transpose E to F#, D to E, and so on.
Most rock songs however are primarily root+fifth chords (power chords). So for that tuning playing a power chord on the 6th and 5th string on the 1st and 3rd fret respectively gives you a D# chord. 2nd and 4th-E chord. 3rd and 5th-F chord and so on.
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