If I remember rightly, it's not a good idea, you're supposed to match the ohms

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If its a single speaker, its not great. A 2x12 (with 2 8ohm speakers) can be wired as 16 or 4 ohm but the absolute rule is not to have a cab lower than the Amp output. A 16 ohm 4 x 12 would be two pairs of series 16s in parallel with each other. Wiring everything in parallel would also give 4 ohm.
If you think this is complicated, I once had a WEM amp that only had 12ohm output.
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I refer to them all the time.

If you just bookmark the index page you'll have more info than you'll ever need. It's more about PA systems, but it's the same theory.

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Opinions vary on this. Best to email support at the amp's manufacturer.

I've seen posts where a boutique amp builder claims going into a higher impedance is worse than going into a lower (tube amp only).
If you're using an attenuator, as your sig suggests, it won't matter. The attenuator is the load and you can use any impedance cab you like.