Hey mates,
in 2 weeks i'm going to turn 18 and i want to buy me a new guitar from my money. For a few months i've been looking for a good guitar which costs about 500-800€ and which i can tune down to drop C or maybe lower to B/Bb and even sounds great and of course i should get a fantastic sound out of thit in standart tuning. My Choices are the Schecter C1-Plus and C1-Blackjack and my question to you is, wether there are big differences between this two guitars and which one is better for my criterions.
Hope to get a few good answers from you guys

and sorry for my english i'm from germany
I own a Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX, and i'm afraid to say, it's the best guitar i've ever had. And for the price, man, it's a steal.
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Out of those 2, the blackjack. But, if you can get the blackjack ATX, then get that. Great guitar
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Okay then i'll decide for the blackjack one...i have to look if i should take the atx or the standart one