So umm i just got my guitar back from being repaired,
I had to get the wires on the jack thingy resoldered or whatever,
And now my guitar makes a buzzing noise everytime i touch the bridge,
the Strings, or when i turn the tone knob up on my guitar...
However when ever im not touching the guitar or when ever i hold the lead and the jack when im plugged in the buzzing noise disappears, but when i let go again it comes back...

Any solutions on how to stop the buzzing?

Oh and when i play the higher strings of my guitar, they always come out quieter and cleaner than the lower strings, could this be because of the same problem or do i need to raise or lower the pickups or something to adjust the sound??
basicaqlly u wire ground to teh back of the bridge, however hes obviously made something touch the bridge, possibly out jack. so it completes a loop, and the strings add that hum

however when touching the strings it grounds through you, so it goes away, bassicaly open up ur back pannel
get a tiny screw
screw it in anyware. not touching anything else, take the wire connecting to the bridge and conect it to that, clean safe ground..

alternatively there could be some exposed wires brushing, but that's unlikely, if it is that, its still the ground wire, soldered to the bridge.
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Ooh! I saw this on Metalocalypse! Basically, you have to be airborne while playing. Don't touch the ground with any part of your body! That should solve it
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Thanks 'bananahammock' i'll take a look at the wires and try what you told me to do

And 'Senor Kristian' as silly and impossible as your suggestion sounds, i would actually consider trying to do that