Hey guys I went to the mesa thread but never got an answer so I figured Ill give you guys a shot

I looking to get a Mesa 2:90 and I'm wondering if I can hook it up to a single mesa cab (2x12 or 4x12) without a problem

I know its sounds noobish but I just want to make sure

The Setup is going to be

My Line 6 Pod xt live as the preamp
The mesa 2:90
a 2x12 or 4x12 mesa rect cab

As long as your cab can handle the wattage, there is absolutely no problem. How many watts does the Mesa have? Do you know how many watts the Mesa has? I guess 90 or 180. IF it has 180, you will have problems to find a 2x12 that can handle 180 watts, just get a 4x12 in this case.
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No you will NOT have problems with a 2x12 that can handle 180 watts. 180 means RMS watts in the case of power amps. Please... you will never feasibly reach that point. You'd need to crank the output transformer so hard that coupled of the risk of actually effecting your speakers and the fact that the tone will indeed suck ass with every dial at 11; you will never realistically reach the point where you'll cause actual damage to the speakers.

I like your setup though. I'd suggest you actually run it stereo with both cabs. Should sound uber good.
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sounds dumb can you run stero with one cab or 2 is a must? (would one make it a mono? Yes I am that clueless)
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