Hello guys!

I just saw a vid of Michael Keene of the Faceless (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_9XTC88OJM) and I noticed that he was using a POD. I've read that he mainly uses a Line6 Vetta2 and a Randall V2 in the studio, but the sound he achieved in that video was very nice and close to the studio sounds of their two albums.

Now to the question, is there anyone here that knows what settings (eq settings, bass mid treb, what amp, stomp box etc etc etc) he might have been using, or even have a preset to send?

(What I'm actually asking for is a studio tone (headphones) that sounds like that video, if anyone could give me any hints!)

Thanks a lot!
Please read the rules regarding presets. They're in the "banned threads" sticky at the top.