sorry, im kinda new at this.
i need some help with an annoying problam..
when i plug in my guitar to the sound card, i get an ok clean sound, but when i plug in my distortion it sounds like an annoying buzz.. and nothing like it sounds from the amp.
i allready tried 3 different distortions, so thats not the problam..
and i dont know if the card is the problam becouse the clean sound is fine..

can anyone help me ?
turn the gain down, and then turn the level down. it sounds like you are clipping the input of your sound card. stock soundcards are not very good for recording most of the time, and they tend to clip easily and harshly.
i have/had a fast track, and i sorta remember the problem. its kinda like what i said, you are probably clipping the interface by driving it too hard. turn down the input level to start, and see if that helps. if not, well, maybe your distortion is thin and buzzy without the amp?
Are you using a pedal distortion or the programs distortion?

If your using a pedal distortion, is it on battire or adapter?

If your using the program distortion, how much gain are you using?

Have you tried turning down the main mix?

Lets go through this step by step.
i'm using a pedal distortion, wired with an adapter
and i've played with the main mix... it seems like its just effecting the volume
just tried, didnt work
and i allso tried playing with the amp's distortion... still the same
thats not how batteries work...

i mean sure, try with a battery. there are people who swear batteries sound cleaner (less fizz) in effects, so it may help. i wouldnt expect miracles, but go for it. i still think that turning the output level on the pedal down (or your guitar's volume knob) is going to fix it if it is a problem of driving something too hard. it may be that is just the way the pedal sounds when going DI.
sorry jof, tried that.... lowered the pedal output, used a battary, lowered all the eq i could in the card, in the effect, in the amp, and in the card.... it's driving me crazy
right now from the amp to the computer
even though i tried before going streight from the guitar - effects - computer..
both sounds the same
Thats odd, mabey its just your sound card. Or it could be a bad cable somewhere, but thats a fat chance. I would just get a new sound card, or if you cant afford a new sound card just mic your amp, you can find cheap USB voice mics at BestBuy for like $30, they arent the best, but it works.
funny thing is, the card sounds great with the clean channel... that's why i dont think the card is the problam
and i tried various cables too...
anyways.. thanks man
Distorted guitar tones sound very harsh and horrible until they're put through a speaker. Are you sure that's not the problem?

If your guitar sounds the beginning of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlRqibvAAKg , your soundcard is not at fault, you just need some sort of speaker emulation.
Quote by ethan_hanus
Try just using the pedal on a battire, it might be boosting the signal too much, since an adapter gives a constant 9 volts and battire olny gives 9 volts when its needed.

I think you mean "battery", and that's not at all how a battery works. A 9-volt battery and a 9-volt transformer will work the same way in the end.